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Readers Respond: Hugo Chavez's 'Revolution'

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez aims to convert his country to his Marxist-influenced philosophy of Bolivarianism. Is he going to succeed? Is it the best or worst thing for Latin America and its neighbors? What does this mean for human rights? Sound off here.

let the truth be spoken

UN must not keep quite about this type of ruling there going to destroy our countries

Chavez and the bolivarian revoluyion

The efforts by Chavez in the implementation of the socialist policy is going to be stymied in the long term by his efforts to repress any form of opposition. If he does not start to respect democracy in its widest sense his revolution will eventually flounder
—Guest michael peart

Chavez S.O.S. We hear you in America!

Fransisco are hearts and minds in America are with you fine people in Venezuela. Our current leadership here is enamored with the Bolivarian Revoltution. This is akin to the FDR administration and there infatuation with Stalin. Use technology and art to expose the dictator. The media is the castle wall of the tyrant and imagery/truth is holy water to the totalitarian vampire. Resource all available brain power and use the current technological trends to circumvent Chavez. All of these despots are terrified of technology and will clamp down on it by any means. Start a mobile marketing campaign and then develop an Iphone application for the world to see all the despotism imposed on your fellow countrymen. This is a very accessible approach and can be done rapidly. I can devote some simple time in the evening to help my beautiful southern neighbors. Email: andrewsrobert540@gmail.com
—Guest Bobby California


Venezuela was a country in tatters long before chavez...so whats wrong with censoring graphic images in the media they do it all the time in America. Find out the real condition and the effects of the gulf oil spill and take a good look at your governments policy. Clearly the US gov is saying one thing and doing another.
—Guest bob erz

There are those who know.

I am not against any person or country that is trying to do, what is really good, for that country. Then you may get people from poor countrys, that would not be poor except for the way their goverment is ran. You can get one bad seed, and what do you sow, weeds. If your seeding proper and with a right heart, a peoples nation will grow from it. This also has to do rich and powerful countrys as well. I believe that we, the U.S. is being circled by the Evil Countrys. It is only a matter of time, unless we help those who need help and to open our eyes, before we are ones that are being as such.


S.O.S. Chavez is slowly destroying my country, The UN does nothing about this big problem, this man has violated Venezuelan law several times and he is not in jail. He claims that the US wants to invade my country, if the US is trying to help us i would thank to them during my whole life, me and all the citizens in my country beg to all the international community to take this bad man very far away from us. He gives guns to terrorist groups that scares people during election times in Caracas, and during non elections time they use these guns to steal people, if you don't believe me you can come and watch it yourself. I work in a Radio Station and we can't talk anything negative about Chavez because his people pursue us saying threats. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP US TO BE FREE FROM THIS TERRORIST GOVERNMENT. THANKS VERY MUCH FOR READING.
—Guest Francisco Chacon

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