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Readers Respond: Readers Respond About the Top 10 News Stories of '00

Responses: 19


Disagree with this list? Add your own submissions for the top 10 news stories of the past decade!

I disagree

I disagree with the response of michael jackson i feel he was highly overrated and i fell personally the death of one man over what some people have tryed for for many years with obama and his presidincy
—Guest Tristen

10 top?

Omitting the 1st African American president was embarrassing.

Okays Current List of top 10 events

All the events mademention of is okay and adequaate in its relevancy.
—Guest Abu One


You guys are racist for saying that Obama should go on the list. He is just another guy and should not be given more credit than he deserves because he is African American. McCain being elected is just as significant as Obama being elected. Skin color does not make a difference and you all are singling him out because of his color.
—Guest CamaroSSMan


No one is saying that Michael Jackson's death wasn't sad, we're just saying that it's idiotic and insulting that they put him over the first African- American president.
—Guest 123

michael jackson

i loved him he was my idol u need to b nice about it
—Guest katie


Michael Jackson's death makes the list, but America's first African-American president doesn't? /Really?/ Fail, Ms. Johnson. FAIL.
—Guest Annalee

Michael Jackson

Give me a break! Perhaps a semi-interesting story about the fame trap and mega-narcissim, but certainly this story doesn't warrant top 10 status.
—Guest Edward Davis

Climate Change

The sea change (ahem) in public attention and official response to the accelerating warming of this planet was, to me, the most important story of the decade. Sure, 911, Iraq, Sudan, etc were all incredibly important events. But climate change is a global phenomenon that affects every thing and everybody on the planet. (Oh, and I agree with most commenters here that the Obama election was far more important than MJ's death.)
—Guest tritisan

CONTENT of "Top 10 News Stories of '00"

In my opinion I find the COMMON DENOMINATOR of "top 10 new stories of '00" was refering to NEGITIVE world affairs. I don't think President Obama would care to be considered in this genre. Even if I am not a democrat.
—Guest 2crzy4u


A good recent history review. Factual but evocative.l
—Guest Mattie Charlene

Michael Jackson

Well Peter, it is like this. Next to 911 Michael Jackson is INSIGNIFICANT ! OMG one little milliomaire pip-squeek, drug addict, intertainer on the same list, IS a travesty. And tragic !!!
—Guest DRChaffin

Michael Jackson

The attention given to this idiot is a insult to the intelligence of everybody.
—Guest sminnich

Mumbai attack

What about mumbai terrorist attack? That should have been there on the list.
—Guest AlbertHike


I probably would have chosen the election of Obama over the death of Michael Jackson. Maybe also the burst of the dotcom bubble in 2000, which I think influenced culture more heavily.
—Guest kdd

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