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Venezuela - The News from Venezuela

Venezuelan Presidential Election 2013
The race to succeed Hugo Chavez culminates in a quickie election on April 14. Venezuela faces a choice to go forward with the socialist path Chavez carved out for the country in his nearly 14 years of rule or to steer a new route for the nation that has been plagued by high crime and isolationism. Based on free-speech and fraud track records of...

The country declared independence from Spain in 1811, the first Spanish-American colony to do so. The country got a taste of democratic rule in the 1940s, but struggled with dictatorships and coups.

The Rule of Hugo Chavez
Hugo Chavez has ruled Venezuela since 1999, aiming to put into place his dreams of a Bolivarian revolution and infuriating critics with his curbs on press freedom and free enterprise. With the shadowy revelation in 2011 of his treatment for cancer, speculation has been growing about what could happen in a post-Chavez Venezuela. Here's where...

Venezuela to Newspapers: No 'Bloody' Stories
The government of Hugo Chavez isn't exactly known for being friendly to free media.

Chavez Ramps Up Conflict With Catholic Church
The late Catholic leader of Caracas, Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara, was once asked if he'd give Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez a blessing. "More than a blessing," the cardinal responded. "I'd give him an exorcism." And so sums up the rocky battles over the years between Chavez and the church.

Hugo Chavez Joins Twitter
After counting social networking sites among the vast conspirators conspiring against him, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has had an epiphany to join them to beat them... or something like that.

Hugo Chavez's Celebrity Fans
Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez may be reviled in many corners for his socialist policies, crackdowns on press freedom, strident anti-U.S. attitudes, and friendships with rogue regimes such as Iran and North Korea, but he has friends in the left corner of Hollywood.

Readers Respond - Hugo Chavez
Readers respond on the direction and value of Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution.

Hugo Chavez
A profile of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Hugo Chavez
A profile of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

What does Hugo Chavez mean by a Bolivarian Revolution?
A primer on the philosophy by which Venezuela's ruler governs and wants to spread to other Latin American nations.

Venezuela News
Follow Venezuela and its populist leader, Hugo Chavez, in the headlines as the country's policies affect the rest of the Western Hemisphere.

Hugo Chavez's Eight-Hour Annual Address
If the Ibero-American summit was anything like Tuesday's annual address before the national assembly, no wonder King Juan Carlos told Hugo Chavez to shut up: Not only did Chavez waltz in three hours late, but he droned on for more than eight hours.

Opposition Makes Gains in Venezuelan Elections
The opposition -- constantly under the hammer in the Chavez regime -- won three crucial gubernatorial races and the mayorship of Caracas.

Chavez Government Presses Six-Hour Workday
And what Hugo Chavez wants, Hugo usually gets. But in a country that saw about 20 percent inflation last year alone, what will it mean for the economy?

Top 10 Latin American News Stories to Watch
If you're watching the news unfold in Latin America, here are the key stories to keep your eye on.

Alvaro Uribe Brings His A-Game
Uribe's government staged an ingenious rescue operation to extract Ingrid Betancourt, three U.S. military contractors, and 11 Colombian soldiers and policemen. This effectively sidelines wanton FARC negotiator Hugo Chavez.

Chavez's Concrete Plan to Punish Mexico
The cement industry is the latest state takeover for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

CIA World Factbook - Venezuela
A primer on Venezuela's leaders, geography, demographics, economy, military, infrastructure, and more.

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