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World News Issues - Top Issues from Around the Globe

From terrorism to globalization, these are the issues that shape the world stage and affect America the most.
  1. Crime (24)
  2. Disasters (34)
  3. Education (1)
  4. Environment (6)
  5. Human Rights (25)
  6. Immigration (4)
  7. Poverty (5)
  8. Press Freedom (10)
  9. Terrorism (33)
  10. War and Conflict (21)

Religion in World News
Here are some stories about the religious establishments that play a key role in world news.

Sports and Culture
The love of a good game of footie or a great movie is a unifying factor across the world's myriad cultures.

Societies in Transition
Here are some stories about societies that are transitioning -- or attempting to do so -- from one form of government to another, from a cultural norm to the modern world, from repression to more open expression.

West Nile Virus
As the mosquitoes come out each summer to nibble on picnickers and dog walkers alike, new cases of the potentially fatal disease are reported. Learn about the origins of the virus and its symptoms with information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

They may have varied agendas, but extremism is practiced around the world to achieve a group's goals by any means necessary. Here are some of the groups and issues in the headlines.

Many countries around the world still have a monarchy, whether functional or mostly ceremonial. Here are some of the houses of royalty around the globe.

What is a hung parliament?
What does it mean when a country has a hung parliament?

World News Guide for Voters
What are the issues around the globe that voters should be aware of when walking into the voting booth this November?

2010 Hurricane Names
How hurricane names are chosen and retired, and a list of names for the 2010 hurricane season.

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