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A collection of original commentary on world issues.

OPINION: Justice for Genocide Perpetrators, No Matter How Long it Takes
The world's gaze is once again turned to Cambodia's killing fields as senior members of the Khmer Rouge face a United Nations-backed tribunal that aims to bring the architects of one of the 20th century's worst tragedies to justice.

OPINION: Syria: Home of the Brave
Despite a daunting track record on human rights, and a brutal crackdown on this year's pro-democracy demonstrations, protesters keep pouring into the streets demanding a better life. It isn't easy to see a post-Assad Syria through the smoke of the vicious government assaults, but the Syrian people have not given up.

OPINION: Vladimir Putin, Macho Man
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin goes out of his way to show us his alpha male. But is there a greater motivation behind flashing his abs to the world?

OPINION: Hugo Chavez's Great Distraction
Venezuela's bluster with Colombia draws focus away from mounting troubles on the home front.

OPINION: Save Auschwitz
As survivors eventually take their history to the grave, it's incumbent upon society to make sure that the terrible lessons of the Shoah are taught to every subsequent generation. Can there be a more important time to make sure that the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp is preserved?

OPINION: Nine Years Later, the Attacks Continue
Bin Laden may be alive or dead, captured one day or forever a fugitive, but his "mission" continues be it through new offshoots, fresh extremist figureheads, or inspired lackeys.

OPINION: The Reformation of Libya
Has Libya really been reborn, or is this sheep's clothing designed to look warm and fuzzy to make gains in the world community?

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