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Middle East - The News from the Middle East

  1. Bahrain (1)
  2. Egypt (7)
  3. Iran (27)
  4. Iraq (7)
  5. Israel (23)
  6. Jordan (2)
  7. Kuwait (2)
  8. Lebanon (4)
  9. Oman (1)
  10. Palestinian Authority (15)
  11. Qatar (1)
  12. Saudi Arabia (10)
  13. Syria (15)
  14. Turkey (8)
  15. United Arab Emirates (5)
  16. Yemen (1)

After the Arab Spring
One man's self-immolation in protest of how he was being treated by his government led to a wave of rebellion across North Africa and the Middle East. The death of Mohamed Bouazizi and subsequent struggle against dictatorship and extremism has stretched far beyond the 2011 protests and rebellions and promises to be a continuing struggle...

One of the world's big three religions, Islam manifests in different ways in different corners of the globe. Some societies have secular governments while a sizable portion of the population are Muslim, while other countries are shaped around Islam and use tenets of the Quran in governing. And still some countries are experiencing power...

Leaders in the Arab Spring Era
Old autocrats fell, new rulers sprang forth, and everyday citizens were instrumental in bringing about change. Here are some of those names associated with the Arab Spring.

Arab and Muslim Country Leaders
Here are profiles of various leaders throughout Arab and Islamic nations, ranging from Northern Africa to the Hindu Kush.

Readers Respond - Mideast Peace Process
Readers respond to whether peace can be forged in the Middle East.

What are some roadblocks to the road map for Middle East peace?
You won't find many who don't want to see peace in the Middle East, but the good-on-paper solutions face many real hurdles.

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