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Iran - The News from Iran

IAEA Report on Iran Nuclear Activities
In August 2012 the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran had been expanding its controversial nuclear program despite sanctions and other pressure efforts by the international community. Here are highlights of that report.

Ali Khamenei
The ayatollah is the last word on all dealings in the Islamic Republic, even the confirmation of an elected president, and an international mouthpiece for the Islamic Revolution as the second ayatollah to serve as the conservative figurehead since 1979.

Understanding Iran
Iran promises to be in the headlines well through this decade as the world watches its nuclear program and the fervor of the Arab Spring continues to stir a youthful opposition movement years in the making. Here are some of the key issues to understand about the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran-Saudi Arabia Relations
To anyone who has followed the tenuous relationship of Iran and Saudi Arabia, the alleged 2011 plot to kill the Saudi ambassador would seem plausible from the standpoint of a hearty helping of motive: There is no love lost between these two countries.

Nearly 78 million people live in Iran. The largest ethnic group is Persian, with 61 percent of the population, and the official religion is Shiite Islam.

Is it Iranian or Persian?
Iranian and Persian are often used interchangeably to describe people from Iran, but which is correct?

Siamak Pourzand
The jubilation of the Arab Spring was pierced by a quiet cry from a corner of Tehran, a final act of defiance by a man who had fought for the heart and soul of Iran since the dark days of the Islamic Revolution.

Ahmadinejad Promises 'War Without Bounds,' Gives Speech Without Translation
The Iranian president's latest monologue before the United Nations General Assembly was expected to mix equal parts anti-Semitism and nationalism with a dash of mania.

One American Hiker Freed on Bail As Indictment Issued
Iran has released one of the three American hikers held for more than a year on charges of spying, after the trio were caught at the unmarked border with Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iran on Brutal Stoning Sentence: It's None of Your Business
Iran is telling the world that the impending stoning sentence for a woman accused of adultery is none of the world's business -- European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso "barbaric beyond words" -- and "should not become a human rights issue."

Pink Floyd Gives Blessing to Iran Protest Song
If you haven't heard this awesome song yet, click over to watch the deeply affecting video: Two Iranian brothers in exile covered Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall," tweaking the chorus to "Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!"

Detained American Hikers Get Engaged in Tehran
The notorious Evin prison isn't exactly the place for romance, but being held by the Ahmadinejad government for what simply seems to be the crime of being American at a time when Tehran wants to play hardball with Washington will undoubtedly make one realize how important love is.

Media Blackout Ordered in Iran on Impending Adultery Execution
The upcoming stoning of 43-year-old mother of two Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has apparently been commuted, if you can call it that, to hanging on an adultery conviction.

Iran to Send Aid Ship to Gaza
On the heels of the deadly Gaza flotilla incident, plus the latest round of sanctions passed at the United Nations Security Council against Iran's nuclear program, Iran is jumping on the opportunity to provoke a confrontation with its nemesis Israel while giving another sign of support to the Hamas rulers in the Gaza Strip.

Iran's Nuclear Sites
Iran continues to defy the international community's calls to halt its nuclear program. Here are key known facilities within that program.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
A profile of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Who is the 12th imam?
The president of Iran has wished allowed for the arrival of the 12th imam, who would come forth in a time of world turmoil. Why does this belief frighten many Iran-watchers?

Iran News
Here are some key headlines to emerge from the Islamic Republic.

Will diplomatic overtures to Iran work?
President Barack Obama made outreach to the Islamic Republic a cornerstone of his foreign policy, but it may not work out as planned.

Iran Election Protests 2009
A gallery of photos from the protests that ensued after Iran's presidential election on June 12, 2009.

Ahmad Batebi
A profile of the Iranian who became a symbol of the struggle for democracy in the 1999 student protests.

How does the hierarchy in Iran work?
How does the power structure in the Islamic Republic really work?

Making Merry with Mahmoud?
It's not new news that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has tried to capitalize on Christmas: take, for example, his 2006 Christmas message, still on his non-updated Web site. But 2008's message, carried on TV in the United Kingdom, ruffled some feathers.

Iran, AP Mark Election Day By Calling U.S. Arrogant
Imagine a whole national holiday dedicated to storming the U.S. Embassy and taking 52 Americans hostage for a mind-numbing 444 days!

Iran Continues to Hold American Student
L.A. native Esha Momeni, a graduate student at California State University, Northridge, was in Tehran visiting family and working on her thesis, which involved interviewing women about their rights (or lack of them, more accurately) in Iran.

Iranians Pick from Severely Restricted Slate of Candidates
Iranians went to the polls in parliamentary elections, but don't be quick to call them free or fair.

CIA World Factbook - Iran
A primer on Iran's leaders, geography, demographics, economy, military, infrastructure, and more.

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