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Uncovering the Facts in the Boston Bombing

On April 15, two bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring 264. After several days with a city on edge and

Vatican: Don't Expect Heavy Reforms Too Soon

Pope Francis has made clear that he wants to reform many things at the Holy See, but the Vatican is cautioning that expectations shouldn't get too high too

South Koreans Finally Free of Kaesong Border Complex

In Asia news, tensions between North and South Korea remain unnervingly high but at least most of the South Koreans who were stranded at a joint industrial

Asia News

Here are some issues, people and stories making the headlines in Asia.

Leaders in the Americas

Here are some current and former leaders stretching from North America to South America.

Religion in World News

Here are some stories about the religious establishments that play a key role in world news.

Human Rights in Russia

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia began the painstaking route to a democratic society. But the road has not been easy and activists charge that in recent years the country has taken steps backwards in ensuring equal rights and the rule of law. Here are some key players and facts in that debate.

Famous Speeches of the 2000s

From war to the halls of peace, here are some well-known speeches from the early 21st century.

Sports and Culture

The love of a good game of footie or a great movie is a unifying factor across the world's myriad cultures.

The Caucasus

Nestled between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, with Russia to the north and Turkey and Iran to the south, the Caucasus region includes restive Russian republics and former Soviet states.

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